History and fundamental principles of European integration
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Starting from the idea of Europe itself, this course enables students to get to know and understand the historical processes that led to the first attempts to unify Europe, its founding theoretical principles, the various approaches, and the significant lines in the process for European integration. - Historical background; - Important personalities: - Important events; - European values and principles; - The objectives of the EU; - The symbols of the Union.


  • History of the European integration process (Part 1)
  • History of the European integration process (Part 2)
  • The EU founding fathers and influential personalities of the European construction process
  • The EU Treaties
  • The EU Institutions and the EU decision-making process
  • European values and principles
  • The objectives of the EU
  • The symbols of the Union
  • The main EU policies
  • https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpvddfynied5np4/History.zip?dl=0 
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