LESSON 1 Introduction.Theories of European integration

LESSON 2 From idea of Europe to Europeanism

LESSON 3 The Cold War and the initial stage of European integration

LESSON 4 The idea of economic integration in the 1950s

LESSON 5 The de Gaulle era and the intergovernmental approach to European integration

LESSON 6 The period of Eurosclerosis: stagnation of European integration or its strengthening and preparation for a new stage?

LESSON 7 Franco-German Alliance as the engine of European integration

LESSON 8 The golden age for European integration. The Single European Act

LESSON 9 The Maastricht Treaty

LESSON 10 From Maastricht to Lisbona. And further developments

LESSON 11 The international subjectivity of Europe

LESSON 12 The EU's Eastward Enlargement

LESSON 13 The EU founding fathers and influential personalities of the European construction process

LESSON 14 European values and principles

LESSON 15 The political identity of European Union